Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Curly Writing Desk


This writing desk out of curly maple and honey locust was designed to suit the specific site and ergonomics of the client. The frameless drawers contributes to the simple beauty while contrasting wood species highlight the fingerjoint construction. The legs are uniquely shaped, starting at the top as squares and ending at the floor as a curved triangle.

Kitchen Table and Bench



The kitchen table top was built according to a clients specifications. It uses maple, cherry and walnut to achieve the dramatic stripped design. I designed the bench to suit the table and to fulfill the clients request that it be sturdy enough not to be tipped over easily by their three young children.

Atmospheric Cabinet

 In some of the rarer boards of poplar atmospheric effects  occur from their unusual color streaks. The simplicity of this design is to take full advantage of that beauty.

Cutting Boards Du Jour

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Another recent project for a chef in Chagrin Falls. Sometimes something as simple as a cutting board can become a format for art.

Artists Travel Case

This is a recent project for a local artist who needed a customized art travel box that was big enough to carry his papers and pastels but still be able to rest on his lap. It also needed to have an adjustable drawing surface. Using mahogany and ash with aluminum fittings this is what I came up with and it has worked out pretty well.