Saturday, February 21, 2015

Form As Firewood

A functional sculpture; my firewood pile. Though some objects stick around a lot longer than this will, basically, all things are transient. All things will pass on with little or no trace. So why bother? Why care or invest effort?
For me , when building anything it's the joy of making:  The delight of dreaming up forms and watching how the material directs their evolution. The benefit of attention and craft and of seeing an idea through to it's creation. The pleasure of seeing a thing was made well for it's use.These add up to a value of caring. It's an intrinsic value that transcends style, schools of thought, monetary value or fame. It gives work worth and made objects their life.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Handsome Kitchen Corner

This cabinet set was designed to organize a perpetually cluttered corner and replace some tired out , dilapidated prefab cabinets.

The lower cabinet features a variety of drawer sizes including a trash pull out and a hard maple butcher block top. The uppers have adjustable shelves and a charging station. New wiring was run for the charging station , under mount lights and can lighting in the ceiling.

An expert job of painting was done by the client who I can only wish was available for projects outside his own home.